Sungai Suci Beach


Sungai Suci Beach is a tourist attraction located in Pasar Pedati Village, Pondok Kelapa District, Bengkulu Tengah Regency, whose area stretches for 2km. This tourist attraction is 15 Km from the center of Bengkulu or around 25 Km from Fatmawati Soekarno Airport. Despite the name of the Sungai Suci Beach, but there is no river (sungai) as the name suggests.

Aside from being a tourist place, Sungai Suci Beach is also one of the locations to look for agate. On the other side of Sungai Suci Beach there is a small island that can be crossed with a suspension bridge.

Pasar Pedati, Pondok Kelapa, Central Bengkulu Regency, Bengkulu 38121