Bukit Kapur Arosbaya

East Java

Arosbaya limestone hill is very cool and worth a visit. Nice limestone formations are hidden in this tranquil yet secluded area. A place where families are found bathing and taking pictures is a little `off the beaten track`. Park on the street and walk to the nicely lit caves, its about a 1km easy trek known to be slippery when wet. The best time to visit is when the sun is out and high in sky, however not too warm, even though the caves do supply nice shade and a cooler internal temprature. The road to the location from the entrance is very narrow through an alley between houses, so larger vans or a small bus may have difficulty turning around.

09.00 am - 17.00 pm
Plalangan Madura, Buduran, Arosbaya, Buduran, Arosbaya, Kabupaten Bangkalan, Jawa Timur 69151