Toba & Samosir

Toba & Samosir

Formed by one of the biggest volcanic eruptions known to man, Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and one of Indonesia’s most scenic destinations. In the center of the lake is Samosir Island which is almost the size of Singapore. This gives some context to the incredible size of this super volcano.

The culture and cuisine of the Batak people is one of the most unique in Indonesia. From the traditional style houses to the Batak roasted pork, there is a lot to sample while enjoying your stay.

North of the lake you can also visit Indonesia’s tallest waterfall, Sipiso piso. Formed after the land collapsed revealing an underwater river that now catches water from the 120m drop above. And further north is the amazing white crater of Dolok Tinggi Raja, famous for its ‘snow-like’ landscape. Or head south to Sipoholon hot springs.

There’s lots to enjoy around Lake Toba so go forth and explore our list of suggestions…

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