Known for its world class diving, virgin beaches and jungle trekking, Sulawesi has begun to appear on the adventure traveller’s radar.

Venturing beyond the big cities of Makassar and Manado there is much to be explored as places like Toli Toli, Kolaka and the Togean Islands grab global attention.

From world-renowned Bunaken reef in the north, to Wakatobi islands in the south, this is a destination to experience the world’s most exotic land and marine life.

In the jungles of Minahasa lives the world’s smallest primate, the Tarsius. Thought extinct, it was rediscovered in recent times.

The famous coffee growing region of Toraja is not only the origin of your favorite latte but is also known for its unique culture. Guests can stay in boat-shaped traditional houses called Tongkonan and take part in elaborate Torajan ceremonies.

Pulo Cinta (Island of Love) is a heart shaped resort in the province of Gorontalo. Famous with honeymooners making those romantic ‘Instagrammable’ moments, this romantic playground is inspiring the growth of a new tourist destination dubbed ‘The Asian Maldives’.

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