Java is the cultural heart of Indonesia. Its rich history of Hindu and Buddhist traditions can still be seen in the dances, artwork and ancient temple ruins scattered across the island.

By rail, road or air, Java offers a unique journey through its history and culture as the landscape of bustling towns gives way to quaint fishing villages, idyllic beaches and majestic volcanic peaks.

Jakarta is the main gateway to Java. A megatropolis known for its dining and nightlife. Experience the hustle of bargain shopping in Tanah Abang or burn through your credit card in the luxury emporium that is Plaza Indonesia.

A few hours south is Ujung Kulon national park, famous for its natural beauty and the rare Javanese White Rhino.

The cities of Central Java are the perfect collision between modern life and the colorful traditions of its people. Witness the gentle movements of Javanese dances, the haunting sounds of a Gamelan orchestra and hear ancient tales told by the famous Wayang Kulit shadow puppets.

Exquisite Batik fabric and other traditional arts show true Javanese craftsmanship as preserved from generation to generation.

And the highlights – Borobudur and Prambanan temples. The remaining monuments of two ancient kingdoms steeped in Vedic traditions.

Heading east and towering above the city of Malang is Mt Bromo. Wake up at 3am for the drive to catch the sun rise on this alien-like landscape. Then take a horse ride to explore the sulphur-spewing crater.

On the eastern edge of Java before boarding the ferry to Bali is the port town of Banyuwangi. Made famous by the world class waves of G-Land which draw surfers from around the globe, and the volcano Kawah Ijen. Banyuwangi (meaning: scented water), boasts one the most unique airports in the world. Its ‘green’ sustainable design is made from reusable materials and features a natural cooling system.

It’s for many of these reasons Java has now been voted ‘Best Tropical Destination of the year’…

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