Must see spots in Sumatra

Oct 04, 2018
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Sometimes mother nature takes a place and decides to give it some extra love.



Lake Toba is the perfect example. This is the largest crater lake of its kind in the world. This ecotourism hub can be explored by foot, car, plane or boat, so however you prefer to travel make sure to check this spot out.





Often it’s Mother nature’s tough love that creates the most incredible landscapes. Gunung Sibayak, a volcano in North Sumatra has been shaped by the toughest of natural forces. It’s really accessible so for those people that are hikers, this is perfect for you. Although the last eruption was a century ago, on the odd occasion you can still see some smoke. Its soothing hot springs are said to have medicinal properties thanks to the minerals found within and are great for a refreshing soak after a long day’s hike.


Lake Maninjau’s emerald waters contrast a little too perfectly with the surrounding lush green countryside. The picturesque and never ending beauty of this area is truly amazing, and the killer view of the Mountains is an incredible achievement that mother nature should be proud of.





As the 6th largest island in the world, Sumatra has no shortage of things to see and do. The wildlife is definitely the highlight – think tigers, elephants, rhinos and wild orangutans.