Four experiences you can only have in Indonesia

Oct 17, 2018
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1. See a Komodo Dragon - Komodo / Rinca Island

Who wouldn’t want a selfie with a prehistoric lizard? They’re also only a few rupiah to visit and the closest thing to a dinosaur you’re going to get. Whilst it can feel a little unsettling only having a small Indonesian man with a stick between you and them, these guys are more interested in sun-baking and snoozing than you, yet still look cool, even when they’re fast asleep.

2. Swing over the ocean - Gili Air

Swinging over the crystal clear waters of Gili Air with views of Indonesia’s two most infamous volcanoes - Agung and Rinjani, is a pretty unique experience. The best time to swing is when the tide is low and the sun is setting. Just don’t forget to pre-order yourself a post-swing cocktail from one of the local beachside bars.

3. Swim with stingless Jellyfish - Kakaban Island

You’d think such an experience would be something out of your worst nightmare, but swimming with the Kakaban jellyfish is actually very dream-like and serene. If you are keen, yet feeling a bit unsure, you can always wear a rashy or wetsuit.